Earth Angel Outreach
Holding Hands creating Hope



Earth Angel Outreach, EAO began on the city streets and in the dark alleys of urban cities as volunteers feeding homeless men, women, and children. Joining together to share weekly home cooked plant based meals while creating bonds of friendship and learning what society is up against. A community formed, based on understanding and trust.




Earth Angel Outreach is a grass roots organization built from the hearts and hands of those who care enough to help make a change. Spanning from the food we eat, where and how its grown, how we feed ourselves... to helping the hungry and lost ones who roam our city streets. Working together to build solutions found simply grown from planting seeds in the soil.



EAO is about life on the streets, finding what is lost, lending a helping hand, looking for ways out, playing with vegetables, creating avenues of expression, building relationships based on compassion, understanding, trust and providing a safe learning space to grow.



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